Don’t get fresh with me…get fresh with LED!

LEDs help keep produce and meat looking and tasting fresher, longer.


Not only will switching to LEDs save you money on reduced energy consumption, but it will also help reduce food waste, especially in supermarkets, which throw out millions of pounds of rotten food annually.

Conventional fluorescent and incandescent lights are well-known culprits of heat and in grocery stores and markets, heat has a negative effect as it causes produce and meat to spoil at an accelerated rate.

These lights also have limitations on where they can be placed, making it difficult to distribute light evenly across wide areas. Noribachi LEDs are custom built to fit any application we can get our hands on.

Our modular light engines were designed to be the most versatile on the market, enabling us to address the needs of every one of our customers. Whether you’re trying to light produce shelves or an entire warehouse, our LEDs will keep fruits and veggies looking and tasting fresh, longer than if they were lit by conventional lighting.

Last year, Agro-Jal Farms reached out to Noribachi to retrofit its cooling warehouse in Santa Maria, CA with 46 of our highbay fixtures and 10 lowbay troffers.

Their HID (high-intensity discharge) and fluorescent lights struggled to reach full brightness, taking well over 20 minutes to do so in the 34-degree cool storage room. Additionally their prolonged use in this environment degraded their lifetime by more than half.

Hmm…nothing like getting the life sucked out of you…which was also happening to their produce. Strawberries just don’t look the same under HID as they do under LED and sunlight. (more here)

Our LEDs perform optimally in any condition and can actually have their lifetimes extended when used in colder climates. By switching to LEDs, Agro-Jal completely avoids the risk of mercury and other toxic chemicals leaking into their produce, keeping consumers safe and produce color intact.

LEDs have a high CRI (color rendering index), which means they are the closest to sunlight but without the harmful UV rays, keeping food looking fresh and ready for purchase.

How’s that for peace of mind? I guess you can have your (strawberry) cake and eat it too!

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