Let’s get digital…with LEDs!


Everything around us is increasingly becoming digital. The way we watch television, how we communicate and listen to music. We live in a digital world, so isn’t it about time we see it in a digital light?

And by digital, we of course mean LED.


The digitization of our everyday lives has ushered us into ultra efficiency. We’re completing tasks faster than we’ve thought possible and with less effort, allowing us to focus on more important things such as time with our families.

Much in the same groove, LED lighting is also ultra efficient. By consuming less power and providing a brighter light all while lasting years beyond their predecessors, saving you time and money in replacement and energy costs. Sometimes as much as 80 percent!


Digitization of our communications has allowed us to connect faster and with more people than ever. Texting, email, FaceTime, and VoIP have evolved into the norm for correspondence, reducing paper waste and costs associated with having to deal with it. Although a pleasant surprise, rarely do we ever receive handwritten notes in the mail.

LEDs are the green alternative when it comes to lighting retrofits and replacements. No only because of their extended lifetime and reduced energy consumption, but they also do not utilize harmful chemicals or gasses to generate light. Our LEDs and fixtures are also rated to operate in any condition you can throw at it.


Early adopters are always the envy of those around them. They’re brave enough to make the jump financially and will usually find that the benefits of their new device usually outweigh the upfront costs associated with it.

Who wouldn’t throw down some bills for the next biggest and brightest screen, right? Most of these screens are made with LEDs, so what about for the most efficient and brightest light?

Eventually prices will drop, allowing more of the public to adopt the latest and greatest. LED technology at the moment is a snowball teetering at the top of a mountain, once it makes that drop, there’s no stopping it.

Elevated Standard of Living

The digital world is one that we’ve made on our own—we’ve personalized it to the extent that, for many, it has made living in the physical world much easier. It has allowed us to streamline daily tasks, increase productivity, and raise our standard of living—something we all desire.

Noribachi LED engines produce bright, clean white light, closer to the color temperature of sunlight, making them easy on our eyes. Studies have shown that because of this, we are much more consistently alert during the day and into the evening than if we were exposed to an environment lit by incandescent or fluorescents.

Communicate with your Lights

Noribachi is taking digital lighting to the next level by developing ways to integrate select systems with wireless networks and the Internet, essentially allowing the user to control single lights or entire sections from anywhere in the world.

Perhaps you wanted to turn on your exterior lights on your way home from work, or you left a light on in the office. With wireless connectivity, you can monitor which lights are on and even control one, or groups of them, remotely as long as you’re connected to the Internet!

There are also plans for GPS integration so you can pinpoint geographically which lights around the world to turn on or off to do something like participate in Earth Hour.

Eliminating physical switches…how’s that for going digital?

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