The Brighter Side of 1984

Image of the privacy visor courtesy of

Image of the privacy visor courtesy of


As our ever expanding population lives in increasingly dense environments we accept more readily a pervasive sense of observation, a constant feeling of watcher and watched.

And LEDs are certainly not immune to being sucked into our image and video saturated world. In fact, they’re actually pretty helpful for everyone, regardless of how you feel about public privacy.

Researchers in Japan have developed glasses that implement near infrared LEDs around the wearers face. The tiny diodes flash in random patterns and obscure facial-recognition software from recording the wearer. What’s more the scientific team developed the goggles so that the wearer doesn’t even see the LEDs, even though they’re ringing one’s eyes.

One the flip side, Noribachi is currently developing a next generation security camera that is mounted inside an LED luminaire. With wireless control technology users can adjust not only the lighting, but also monitor their facilities from any internet enabled device. The high CRI and light output of the LEDs means that anything captured by the camera is immediately crystal clear.

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