Get Some Sun In Your Lights


Noribachi solar-LED sculptural light fixture.

California’s giving Florida a run for its nickname of the Sunshine State. This week it was announced by state regulators that California has completed over one gigawatt of solar installations thanks to the California Solar Initiative.

That’s enough energy to theoretically power more than 1,000,000 homes! But the best part about the California Solar Initiative is that its ongoing. So far the state is on track to complete over 1,900 megawatts of solar power by 2017.

And lets not forget the excellent pair that solar energy makes with LED lighting. Not only does the minimal power consumption of LED lights make it possible to power them through solar generation, they both use DC power, and come on the sun is the ultimate light engine!

Alright fine, the DC commonality isn’t that interesting… but it’s still like they were made for one another!

Noribachi has been at the forefront of solar LED lighting, including creating a unique control system that allows Noribachi lights to switch seamlessly between solar and grid electricity. Maybe it’s time to consider some custom Noribachi solar-LED solutions… after all you don’t want to be that lonely person with the last faintly buzzing fluorescents running off of fossil fuel.

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