Cold Storage & LEDs


In over three billion cubic feet of cold storage warehouse space in the USA, most of the frozen food products destined for your dinner table sit under the faint buzzing of fluorescent and HID lights. In the cold environments these lights don’t work as intended, leading to drastically reduced lamp life, higher maintenance costs and an increased failure rate. If fluorescents or HID lamps break there is a risk of glass and mercury contaminating anything around them, an unacceptable risk for large food warehouses.

Enter the nascent world of high lumen output LED. Only in the past five years has LED technology advanced to applications in general illumination, yet in this short time it has already proven unequivocally superior to all other forms of lighting.

Noribachi has been engineering custom LED luminaires and retrofits for five years, including extensive experience upgrading the lighting in cold storage facilities. With no glass or toxic substances, equivalent efficiency the cold, and instant on, Noribachi LED lighting is ideal for cold food storage applications.

Typical customers can save up to 80% on energy bills, as well as thousands of dollars on maintenance and replacement bulbs. Not to mention the full spectrum light quality of LEDs means that produce and foods under their illumination burst with vivid natural colors as if under daylight. The light quality helps with produce inspection and improves the psychological well being of employees.

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