Sustainability & Auto Dealers

Sustainability is rapidly becoming synonymous with good business practice in the automotive world. From the implementation of more efficient hybrid and electric vehicles to the reduction of waste in OEM and supply chain processes, intelligent auto industry players cannot afford to ignore the explosive societal interest in sustainable initiatives. While much of the environmental hype has been focused on automotive manufacturing, one of the most visible sides of the industry, dealerships, has largely been ignored.

A recent report by Accenture and the United Nations notes, “100% of automotive CEOs surveyed believe that sustainability issues will be important to the future success of their business.” The new sustainable paradigm, as noted, is by no means limited to improving vehicle powertrains or reducing waste material in production, in fact perhaps the most important aspect of the new environmental push is the implementation of sustainable initiatives at the dealership level.

One of the biggest challenges any dealership faces is lighting. Selling cars demands a large amount of lighting, driving energy bills through the roof and necessitating almost constant re-lamping maintenance. Switching the lighting out in a dealership with LEDs, which last over 100 times as long as traditional lighting, is not only a sustainable option that will decrease energy and repair costs, but will additionally provide an improved shopping experience. LED’s full spectrum light better renders true-color for the human eye. Dealerships that upgrade with Noribachi LED often reduce energy use by as much as 80%, increase the overall brightness by more than 70%, and qualify for rebates that can save up to 20% of the up-front cost!


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